Condition Ratings

Condition of Secondhand Items

We rate the condition of the secondhand stock items we offer for sale on a scale of 1 to 10. The descriptions below give an indication of how we arrive at a particular condition rating. The vast majority of our stock is rated 7 or 8, i.e. very usable with minimal wear.

10 Mint
100% original finish. Just like new. Original packing and instruction books.
9 Excellent + 
100% original finish. Virtually never used. May not include original packing or instruction books.
8 Excellent
90-99% original finish. Very little use. Optics excellent. Mechanics excellent.
7 Good + 
80-89% original finish. Some signs of wear. Optics good. Mechanics good.
6 Good
70-79% original finish. May be scratched, scuffed, or have minor body indentations. Optics OK. Mechanics OK.
5 Fair + 
60-69% original finish. May have relatively large flaws in finish which do not affect function. Optics fair. Mechanics fair.
4 Fair
50-59% original finish. Not attractive to the eye. Still functional.
3 Ugly+
25-49% original finish. Not attractive to the eye. May not be fully functional.
2 Ugly
Less than 25% original finish. May have missing parts or not be fully functional.
1 Doorstop/Paperweight
No other practical use.
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