Kase Armour Entry Level Filter Kit II - CPL/ND1000/S-GND0.9/Adapter Ring/Cap/Bag

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Details for Kase Armour Entry Level Filter Kit II - CPL/ND1000/S-GND0.9/Adapter Ring/Cap/Bag

Kase Armour Entry Kit

The Kase Armour Entry Kit is the perfect way to start your Kase Armour experience.

Featuring the Kase Armour holder, filter bag accomodated 6 grids that holds up to 3 x 100¡Á150 filters, circular NDs, holder, and adapters you require. The Kase Armour is perfect for professional or amateur photographers who want to use filters with the added all the benefits of the Kase Wolverine filters, speed of magnets, and added protection from Kase Armour.

With a selection of filters in this kit, you will be ready for capture most scenarios in the field. Use the soft graduated filter to balance the light and capture the detail in the landscapes and city scenes.

Use the ND filter to control your shutter speed and create great effects, such as smooth water and light trails in camera.

The Magnetic Circular Polariser to reduce glare, boost saturation and enhance your imagery to the next level.

All with the added protection and strength of the Kase Armour frames and Alloy filter holder. Speeding up the process of using filters in the field, with the protection of metal frames around your existing filters, and circular neutral density filter housed inside the Armour holder.

Take on the toughest conditions with the Kase Armour system.

Kase Armour Key Features

Magnetic mounted geared polariser and circular ND filters.

Simple to use in the field.

Reduce time spent with Magnetic Frames and added protection.

Toughened Pro HD Optical Glass.

Virtually No Colour Cast.

Scratch Resistant.

Metallic Nano Coatings.

Water and Dust/Dirt Repellent.

Easy Clean.

No Vignetting.

Circular Magnetic ND reduces light leaks.

Provides additional protection to existing filters.

Perfect Partnership with Kase Wolverine 100mm series filters.

The Kase Wolverine series filters are ranked as some of the best optically by independent reviews and their toughened glass construction adds extra durability and peace of mind. Offering virtually no colour cast, you will be able to capture the scene colours and the optical quality of the glass will give you no loss of sharpness. Using special nano metallic electro-coatings, Kase Wolverine filters are scratch resistant, water repellent, anti-reflective and easy to clean. Making the Kase Wolverine series a joy to use in the field, no matter what conditions you shoot in.

The Kase Armour adds to the above benefits by protecting the filters, speeding up the process of using filters and adding confidence to your experience in the toughest of conditions.

Kase Armour Holder System Key Features

Magnetic mounted geared polariser and circular ND filters.

Magnetic holder increases speed of us.

Magnetic frames add protection to existing glass filters.

Robust magnetic alloy construction.

Simple to use in the Field.


  • In the Box
  • Armour 100mm Alloy Filter Holder.
  • 95mm Magnetic Circular Polariser.
  • 95mm Armour Circular ND1000 (10 stop) filter.
  • 150x100mm Kase Wolverine Soft Graduated Filter 0.9 (3 stop).
  • 2 x Armour adapter rings: 77-95mm & 82-95mm ¨C Magnetic.
  • 2 x Step rings: 67-77mm & 72-82mm.
  • 1 x Armour Magnetic 150x100mmx2mm Filter Frame.
  • 1 x Armour Magnetic 100x100mmx2mm Filter Frame.
  • 1 x Plastic Lens Cap.
  • 1 x Armour Carry Case.
  • To use your holder with other lens filter sizes up to 82mm, simply use step up rings. For example, to use the Armour system with a 58mm filter thread, you would just need a 58mm-82mm step up ring, no need for special ones only compatible with our system.

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